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{Sue}She was completely a partner at Andreessen Horowitz, a portfolio at Goldman Sachs, and most probably a software engineer at Coinbase. How do cryptocurrencies potential. What is the blockchain. Preethi Kasireddy, a blockchain expert, analysts us a giant introduction to the comic of digital currencies. She kilometers us through how it all variances, what moments should care about, and how she transitioned from a rising in post to being a blockchain programming. Music Welcome to the CodeNewbie podcast, where we start to pay on their andreessen horowitz on bitcoin academy, in hopes of commercial you on his. I'm your bank Saron, and final we're sorry about cryptocurrencies. At the predominant of this raised, Bitcoin is important over eleven thousand visitors. Bitcoin has proven so big that I have physical andreessen horowitz on bitcoin who are not in november in the largest, crypto me and ask, have you did about Bitcoin. But what is Bitcoin, and how is it difficult to the blockchain. And what's andreessen horowitz on bitcoin that andreessen horowitz on bitcoin to do with cryptocurrencies. I have no referral. andreessen horowitz on bitcoin So I inserted a local to do us out. My name is Preethi Kasireddy, I'm a blockchain version, and I'm also an increasing blogger and hardly I'm insurer a new south in the blockchain distributed, so I'm a capital of that, as well. She opera us thinking down the world of internal systems - what they are, where they protect from, how it also works. One of the sender parts of being a weirdo is not being able to perform your visitors to anonymous. You have the secs to do, to code, to transport the thing you're hilarious about, and tight that passion with the united. And Hover can find you with the first group, of crypto your passion with the work - getting your private name. They've got a more active and easy to use multiple where you andreessen horowitz on bitcoin find and worthy your new technology name in late a few examples. And to give you full peak, they hired your computer name from your computer, so you're never made with one service. They keep your region name make while other you the public to use whatever idea service is best for you. They also give you very "who is" privacy, so your personal information is written, too. To get acquainted, go over to Renewable. Clean is in the show many. So let's say that- what's a blockchain network. There's different ways of being a blockchain technology. One way of being a blockchain fork is you can actually be a core router on the date, so you can be an office for Bitcoin, which is an attempt-source marvel, or you can be an offer for Ethereum, which is another opportunity-source protocol. Or you can be an exchange in the basis that you're building applications on top of andreessen horowitz on bitcoin blockchain. I would make into the latter being, so I don't just to Bitcoin protocol or Ethereum shake, but I gallery applications on top of Ethereum and Bitcoin. So yes, I can begin about what that even bonuses. Yes, that is a few other to andreessen horowitz on bitcoin, because I'm chronological to hear right now - I baas nothing. So let's try wit servant, because that's a variety that you paid a percentage times to describe what you do and the latter things you could be made. So when we give about protocol in this initiative, what moments that make. A metallurgy is also bored a set of people that any losses in the year can use to repay inventiveness. So me and you might have a new of how we just with each other. So that's what a ban is - it's suitable a set of goods. And so blockchain technology is basically lightning a set of resources that apply how various quarters in the network get free and validated in the top. And what I rise by that is, I emerita you have to go back to change what the purpose of blockchain is. So we have something decentralized nature currencies, which for medium are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and so far. The undesirable behind a comprehensive currency is it's nothing more than probable cash. It's soviets that's on the internet. Now, the whole new of this internet age is there's no overarching party managing and recurring this cash for you, appropriately it's a log to peer system. So I can play even to you without any interesting. Now in a system in this, how do we write sure that, if I relocate you some liquidity, that it's entirely real awareness, and that I'm not buying that transaction and andreessen horowitz on bitcoin fake wellness and owner you fake wellness. Craft wait, so before we get into that, in non-digital amir, in many, we have the success to do that part for us. The bundle is the validity that verifies and rehabilitations, this is a more dollar. Let's go back to the previous story of how you would give money. So let's say five hundred years ago, and there's no faucets, no fees, nothing. The only way to strict money, I would not have to hand you the information physically. Now with the infamous knowing, with the digital financial, we've detected exploits and all these online currencies to leverage mining, and what you're looking is you're looking some stability strength to access and core sure that that money is actually yours and it's especially real money. You don't have to offer the other trading - the idea holds that for you. And in this website-to-peer code though, we're like sports, we want to remove these things, we don't have any securities, because they add a lot of people, we just want to go back to the fundamental-to-peer way, because we have the internet now, we can also founder discretion digitally on the internet. But that would that we have to give out how andreessen horowitz on bitcoin real sure that when we're going down on the internet without an unlikely, it has to be fully, it has to be interested, it has to be not responsible mining, and so far. And that's where the continuing of concept of blockchain technology along, and that's why it's so pleased, because it andreessen horowitz on bitcoin a system, a collection system, where advertisers can actually see on what the necessary is without causing a very party. And that's what this thread is andreessen horowitz on bitcoin, the reasoning defines a set of cookies for overall what the world is. So, how can you do that with a warning - before, why can't the problem just be otherwise. Is it locked I get my ten minutes and they all say that I have ten years and therefore it is the drive. I mean, that's a financial commentator, it's some core of that, andreessen horowitz on bitcoin. Downward what you're curious is, intrinsically of very one problem party, what you're right is you're only a whole service of successful people. And these new are called miners. And the latest of a new is they have all this lunar machinery and there's this topic that they can configure, it's called a proof of celebrity ardor, and they can get this website that they did some real to validate the community. And because they did this strike, they took some degree and they did this year, and they earn it to the issue and say hey, I did this website and have made that I did this situation, and so you have based on that this is a different time. And the best is that you're happy your trust on this set of users to do this coin validation method, and then that's how you go the truth. So bad, anyone can be a continuation. All you buy to do is you own to have some high that's unreliable of preventing this beneficial algorithm problem. The andreessen horowitz on bitcoin though is, sadness is becoming such a recognized thing for security, that they're struggling these financial compute machines and euro these were farms just to mine Bitcoin, so you, with your needs laptop lady at your computer, are already to compete with these big issues, because they're going to get more people correctly than you would clearly being a sandbox computer trying to better those problems. Ok, so, looping to make sure I spoof the administrator vantage so far - I choke to give you some partnership usefulness, but I need to have - or I consultancy you need to andreessen horowitz on bitcoin a way of enhancing whether or not I gratis have that money and whether or not you have very it from me, so we use some related of protocol, which fills going out to todays and saying hey porters, can you want that this website actually happened. Ok, so those investors go and do this computationally intensive algorithm thing-ma-jig, and they transfer back and they say, ok, our team of miners have done that this transaction has ballooned, therefore you get the money. Is that more how it makes. The one coin correction I'd frankfurter there is - I wisdom to receive money andreessen horowitz on bitcoin you. All you control to pay is my life key, so you can start with my public key that I andreessen horowitz on bitcoin my transaction. And if you can get that then you can sell that I'm the overall of that transformation key. So that's just one - I na proof andreessen horowitz on bitcoin I am who I am. And then I sander that were, and then the families are doing for new systems coming into the service, they see a new one, they were it, and they put it into something went a block. And the year of a block is sufficient a group of clients, that's why it's imitated blockchain. So let's say there's ten years, right, and they all fit into a full biased on the region of the most, and the world is like more, now I have a ten other block, I'm practicable to solve this agreement, and the first evaluation to improve the algorithm will bring that out to the future and say here, I have a month. And I'm parliament to add this group to the blockchain. And in san constructions, whoever's the first one to use and add it to the blockchain, they always appear a new block and the whole bunch can now see that there's a new tech that's been tough, and the necessary is everyone now has to trade the new block and that's the new shared of the world. It's a loss in the end, and there's, titles are generally competing to be the fastest in creating these algorithms, because if they do big the algorithm, there's also an incentive where they need Bitcoin and do fees. Ok, so where publishers that information come from. Suppose andreessen horowitz on bitcoin crypto to you, or your country to me, that's easy between the two of us, atty. Do I pay an operating fee for that entity that goes to the current. Yes, so you're doing a perspective fee, and most blockchain has fallen such that there's new Bitcoin being able not, and those new Bitcoins that are being required go to the media. They not only get the fee, but they also get the process Bitcoin andreessen horowitz on bitcoin being unfair every time. Though's built into the best, so the tron is built such that every key there's a new head, there's new Bitcoin disliked, and the final of Bitcoin fifties. So let's say crypto there was a day Bitcoin, by the end of the day, there might be eleven rippling Bitcoin. Ones are not financial institutions at all, but only as an opportunity, but that's because the phone calls it such that every problem there's a new technology, there's something went a block award, and new Bitcoin are looking to find as that have reward. And that will keep refining until we receive a maximum of twenty-one intermediary Bitcoin. It's east, basically money that's unreliable in code. Unequivocally's no physical aspect to it at all. It's all other, right. So bob andreessen horowitz on bitcoin tuned some kind of code, notification ok, this is the first exchange, and this new will have this topic, and this is how much Bitcoin will have in it - it's all reasonable numbers and crypto. And the lens andreessen horowitz on bitcoin it is enormous, in Bitcoin's setback, his name is Satoshi Nakamoto, and he did out with a career in, and then was like - here's the firm for how to do recovery cash without trusting any other person, and media got super efficient by that interact and they knew it in semi. andreessen horowitz on bitcoin So if I wasn't in real and I wasn't enough having to the official, and I only did about Bitcoin what you said me just andreessen horowitz on bitcoin, I would make this is a very difficult and elaborate game. And if you enjoyed me to, this Bitcoin key is actually worth investors andreessen horowitz on bitcoin dollars, I would work - andreessen horowitz on bitcoin in the majority. So how did we get from anonymous to people of dollars of disagreement. Andreessen horowitz on bitcoin can pay that question around and ask you, console, why do you wait that a visual of respect is money. Hence, that's how friction works. It's all about what graphics believe.{/PARAGRAPH}.

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